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Family at War
White Family
This picture was taken in the back garden of "Abbey Lodge" in 1942. This was to be the last time the whole family were to be together in Battle until 1948 when my dad (Ivor) returned from the conflict in Palestine.

They were not to remain together for long however, for Graham and Joyce emigrated to Brisbane, Australia for the following four years. They were nominated by Great Gran's sister Polly who had settled  in Australia many years before. (everone must have an Aunt Polly)
Ivor and Bill Curtis
Ivor and his friend Bill Curtis, Gummersbach 1945
Percy White
Ivor White
Ivor - on leave at Senlac Gardens
Graham White with his tank
2622580 Cpl Graham White (centre) in front of a Churchill MKIV tank 1944

Grenadier Guards 9troop
2 Squadron
Graham White and Les Oliver
Graham and his mate from Battle - Les Oliver
Graham and Joyce with Mike and Butch the dog
Graham and Joyce with Mike and Butch the dog
1000lb Bomb. Dropped at Brightling Park 1941
Prisoners of War Heinrich az at Senlac Gardens
Prisoners of War Heinz at Senlac Gardens
Prisoners of War Heinrich and Heinz at Senlac Gardens
ration stamps
VE Day - my dad was there - that's what he tells me
VE Day
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Grenadier Guards 9 Troop 2 squadron
Graham's squad - 1941 Graham was in hospital so not in the photo