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White Family 50's and 60's
My dads first folding roll-film camera
Press Photographer 1948-57

Geerings Ashford - 1957 - 1960

Brendon Grove

1963 - 69 Bryants TV Test Departmemnt

1969-1979 Kolster-Brandes and ITT

1980 - 1992 Computing Devices - Television and Avionics, production and test

Retired 1992, and living near Hastings by the Sea

2000 A chance to meet Richard Attenborough when he visits hastings

2002 Appears in Home Front - a documentary about the Home Guard

Hob-nobbing - some encounters with the stars
Our dad died February 2008 aged 81
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Ivor and Eileen get married in Ashford on 13th March 1953
L-R Mr and Mrs Ball, Nan and Grandad White, Mum and dad, Nan and Grandad Harris, unknown - click on photo to open slideshow
1955 Linda is born in Ashford
Linda's Christening August 1955

Albion, Edie, Vicar, Arthur and Dorothy Watson, John and Phil Molyneux, Philip and Janet Goble (in the front), Bert and Nellie (Meg) Harris, Eileen and sister Phil (unknown friends auntie Annie in the background), Dora holding baby Linda, Annie, Graham, Beverly Jempson, Mabels friend Grace , Mabel, Percival, Sybil, Joyce, Sybils son Tony, Albert Spice
Dot, baby Linda, Graham White and Dora Abbot
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Lower Lake - the Bus Garage is longer there
in 1954 my mum was working at the Hollington Steam Laundry.
Her address is still shown as New rents in Ashford
This looks like Coal was still under Government control even though the war ended some time ago
This is an interesting document about the taxation of Photographs - this would have alamed my dad. I expect that is why he kept it.
A 17 week old Linda on the front cover of Nursery World