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My dad's second meeting with Lord Attenborough in Hastings
Grey Owl Programme  22.10.2000
I have just acheived an ambition which dates back some 52 years when I had an extra copy made of the photograph taken by Gifford Boyd at The Ritz during Dickies visit. I just knew that one day I would be able to give it to him personally. It cost me an extra sixpence, but I think it was well worth it.
It bought me a few treasured moments of his time this morning, when I met him in the foyer of St. Mary in the Castle where he was about to address the audience who were there to see his new film "Grey Owl".

The Mayor of Hastings stood to one side and patiently waited while Lord Attenborough chatted to me about old times. He remebered his visit to the Ritz, and even the date, 1948, and the name of his film "The Guinea Pig" which was being screened at the time. He thanked me warmly saying " It was wonderful that I should have saved this photo for so many years" and was in no hurry to terminate our chat.

However, I had been warned by an official that I should not take up too much of his time as there were many more people  inside waiting to greet him. All the time he was talking, he kept holding my hand.
An unforgettable experience.


Copy of the original Photo, by Gifford Boyd, which I presented to "Dickie" today 22.10.2000
Richard Attenborough
After my dad died in 2008 I found an envelope addressed to Richard Attenborough - in it were these photos and a hand written card.

Did my dad really meet Dickie again? I will never know
Richard Attenborough