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Veronica Beechly
A job anyone would envy. Helping with the grape harvest at the home of Mr. A. Allwork, of Battle-an authority on grapes- is six - year - old neighbour
Veronica Beechly.
1951 Battle Festival
The text is mostly missing - this photo would be relating to the 1951 Battle Festival.
Girl with a Christmas problem is Miss Valerie Barber, of St. Helen's-road, Hastings, who today celebrates her 15th birthday.

In view of the Christmas feast- ing would it be wise to eat all three little pigs to-night ? She won her unusual birthday cake in a competition.
Valerie Barber
MISS SHIRLEY STEGGALL, St. Mary's-road has been chosen as "Miss Ritz, Hastings, 1952." A panel of judges who made the selection at the Ritz Cinema was composed of the Mayoress (Mrs. A. J. Chambers), Miss Mildred Eldridge and Mr. Roy Henson (General Manager Hastings Pier).
During the week a number of old people of Hastings were entertained to the afternoon film show, followed by tea in the Ritz Cafe.
Resident Manager (Mr. E. L. Shel-
merdine) and the chairman of
the Social Activities Committee of the Hastings and District Old People's Welfare Committee, Ald ? W. Rymill, also attended
Miss Jean Comber, aged 18, of Glottenhall Farm, Robertsbridge, with the steer she reared from a calf. The steer was a prize-winner at the Battle Fat Stock Show on Thursday last week.

Southern Weekly News 20th October
Jean Comber
Battle Abbey
No caption survives - but this is in no doubt the back of Battle Abbey
Adrienne Adams and Elsie Barbour
Daffodil Time

Enjoying their books among the daffodils in the grounds of historic Battle Abbey Girls' School, Sussex are two pupils from Northan Island, Adrienne Adams and Elsie Barbour

OLDEST windmill in Sussex, Hogg Hill windmill near Icklesham village, on the Hastings-Rye road, is being restored.
Rotting timbers are being replaced and the woodwork re- pitched and new white-painted sweeps fixed.
This imposing landmark, over-looking the Channel and miles of Kent and Sussex countryside, has been in a state of decay since it was last working in 1926.
Anxiety for its safety was felt with every gale.
Now the owner, Mr. Walter Merricks, of The Manor, Icklesham, is having the mill restored for its fame as a landmark and its historic value.
Hogg Hill windmill is one of the oldest mills in the country; it is the only example in Sussex of a post mill with a top fan tail.
It has stood on its present lofty site since 1781.

For at least 100 Years before that it was at Pett. nearly two miles away.

A team of oxen was used to transport the mill to Hogg Hill. Soon after it was erected the sweeps killed a man and it was pulled down and raised on to its present brick base.
The old miller, Mr. Harry Gardner, still lives in the nearby cottage. He recalls the time when 14 other mills could be seen from Hogg Hill --"all working, a wonderful sight." -
Most Of them have disaoneared.
Hogg Hill windmill will soon be seen in all its old majesty but it will never work again.

What was left of the old machinery is being taken away and the sweeps are to be fixed in one permanent position.
Hogg Hill windmill
Hogg Hill windmill, oldest windmill in Sussex, and one of the oldest in the country, is being restored.
Lady Godiva again, Played by Miss Beryl Bear of ??
assistance from Corporal Ivor White (my dad).
Daily Express JULY 12
Miss Beryl Bear
Percival White
Catsfield Flower Show
Cup winners Mr. P. J. White (my grandad) and Mrs. M. Rollason with Miss M. E. Portnell (chairman of the society) and Mr. H. V. Cooper (chairman of the flower show committee).
the wheel of fortune
(below) my sister and my mum watch the popular attraction, "the wheel of fortune".
Linda White
Childrens Day Drew Record Crowd to Park

A record crowd of children flocked to Alexandra Park or Saturday for the last event in the Carnival Week, Children's Day, which was organised by the theatre Guild.

During the day two functions took place, the children's sports and the fancy dress competition and parade, both of which were held on the first lawn, in favourable weather.
At the sports in the morning children of all ages competed in the egg and spoon races, skipping, handicap and obstacle races, and other events.
All were very closely contested and prizes were presented by My Jack Taylor, former manager of Leeds United F.C. and Queens Park Rangers F.C.

The winners were: Gloria Ball, Susan Barnes, Douglas Beeney, Peter Cahill, Clive Dann, GlynisEvans, Tina Fisher, Michael Fraser, Michael Garland,Margarita ?, David Griffiths ?? ,Lyndsey Hart, Sarah Holloway, Julie Jarvis, Valerie Larkin.
Paul Lennarcl, Vivien Lester, Julie Mitchell, Diane Paine, Esther Paine, Sandra Paul, Nicholas Petkovic, Dennis Pollard, Lindsey Pollard, Ke:vin Sadler, Keith Tookey, Diane Upton, David Vurnival, Susan Wylie and John Young.

The afternoon saw an entry of over 160 children for the fancy dress cometitian and parade

The judges were Mr D.Graham (chairman of the Hastings Round Table), Mrs D Graham, Mr C.Wren, Mrs.C Wren (chairman of Hastings Ladies Circle). Mr Ivan Birch (President
Rotary Club), and Mrs. Bireh. They had a difficult task in choosing the winners for a lot of thought, care, and enthusiasm had obviously been put into the preparation of all the costumes, and a high standard had been reached, giving pleasure to all onlookers.
Originality was the key word. with such entries as Tivvy
(Kevin White), the 'well-known television 'gonk;
Vivien Farley, dressed as the topical Mary Poppins, the famous nanny in Walt Disney's film of the same name, and 'Accident Case,' with young Alan Richardson swathed from head to, foot in bandages, with realistic, but happily, artificial blood.
My brother Kev dressed as TIVVY with mum and dad in the background
Janet Goble
The weather pe rsonifietl by two of the entries. Georgina Apprey, from the Gold Coast, provides the "showers" and (my cousin) Janet Goble, of Hollington, the fair periods

Argus 13th July 1951
Hastings N.A.L.G.O. Players
Surrounded by members of fhe Hastings N.A.L.G.O. Players, chairman Mr. W. McDonald presents a cheque for £109 16s. (with a further £93 10s. 3d. to follow) to Mr. Frederick Morena, national secretary and cofounder of the Infantile Paralysis Fellowship. A "polio" case since he was 42 years old, Mr.Morena, now 61, came down complete with invalid chair from his London home to receive the cheque, The money was the profit from the Players' pantomime "Aladin."

Beauty Queen with musical ambitions is Audrey Mewett 19. of Hollingron, St Leonards. A member of Hastings Girls' Choir, and Hollington's May Queen for 1950, Audrey took first prize in the vocal solo section of the London South-East District Youth Festival of Music and Drama. Now she is practising for the finals at Chatham soon.

Star 27th Feb 1952
Audrey Mewett
Clive Vale Infants' School
Enjoying a break from school routine, members of the Clive Vale Infants' School compete in the percussion band section of the festival.
James Foster Cinema De Lux
His dream has come true for 16-year-old James Foster, of Hastings, who wanted so much to work in a cinema that he gave up his spare evenings to watch operators at the local cinema and saved his pocket money to buy a 16mm film projector of his own. Now he has been engaged at the Cinema De Lux, Hastings, where Miss Olive Ray began in the same way ten years ago when the male operators were called up for war service.
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