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Cinemas of Battle and Hastings in the War Years
The Ritz, Regal, Gaiety, Plaza, De-Luxe, Elite, and the Kinema and Roxy in St Leonards.
This was the very first film to be screened at the Senlac Cinema, Battle, in 1937
An English Musical featuring Frederick Bradshaw and Frances Day, filmed in Black White
Senlac Cinema Battle 1942

Ivor operates one of the two BTH 35mm Film Projectors, during one of the frequent wartime air-raids of 1942 to 1944 and sometimes had to run the whole show from start to finish when the Chief Operator Mr. Cyril Parslow was on Royal Observer duty

"The show must go on"

Part of our duties was to look outside occasionally to see if there were any bombs dropping or fires in the area which might endanger the building, requiring a warning slide to be shown on the screen so that patrons wishing to leave the  building could do so . . .

Most patrons preferred to stay put saying: "If its got your number on it, it will get you wherever you are !"
Senlac Cinema Battle 1942
There Goes my Heart
Manager Dick Whittington changes the film title

Kindly loaned  by Mrs Betty Morris, this photo shows our "jack of all trades" manager, bill poster, and usher "Dick", as he was affectionately known by the staff, taking steps to let people know what feature film was playing currently.
   Often playing to packed houses, the Cinema was very popular with the British and Canadian troops who were stationed in Battle Abbey during the wartime years
Manager Dick Whittington changes the film title
Cinemas which survived the Bombs and Doodlebugs of WW2
Ritz Cinema Projection Room - Hastings   It took a crew of Six operators to run this equipment for a full show
including Wurlitzer organspots. Ice cream girls, slides and music, and  sometimes the personal appearance on stage of a very famous person, like Richard Attenborough for instance, seen below inspecting one of our projection suite machines. 
Ritz Cinema Projection Room
Hastings Cinemas in the early Post War years  1948-49
Ritz Cinema Operators
    Photograph by Gifford Boyd, HASTINGS
my dad and Richard Attenborough
My dads photo shows four of the Ritz Cinema Operators
Left to right, Chief Operator Mr. Joe Knight, Co-Chief Mr.George Wareham, "Marge" Giles and Jonathan Henson  standing at the entrance to the Cinema Cafe
Ivor shows Richard Attenborough around the projection suite of the Ritz Cinema and demonstrates how the carbon rods inside the Peerless Arcs provide the intense light to project the films images on to the "Silver Screen"
mercury arc rectifier
The Ritz Hastings
mercury arc rectifier
The Ritz Hastings
Kinema parades
Frank Searcy, Manager of the Kinema parades his Local Air Cadets seen here outside the bomb-damaged cinema in Norman Road  St. Leonards on Sea