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Fourteen-year-old Patricia Walsh, of Knot!burst Manor, Shirley- drive, St. Leonards, has been chosen from among 50 pupils of the Bal-Edmund Dancing School, Hastings, to be this year's Hastings May Queen. She will be crowned by the Mayor on 5th May, in the town's Linton Gardens.
Patricia Walsh
Market Research Society of Great Britain
President of the Market Research Society of Great Britain, Mr. Graeme Cranch, points out features of local interest from Hastings castle to members Mr. Okumura and Mr. Koyama, of Tokyo, Mrs. Crossley (U.S.A.) and Mrs. Cranch (U.K.). The party visited Hastings from the society's Tunbridge Wells conference.

Argus 14th Sept

Mr. Cecil Heath
Sailing next week for the West Indies in his converted motor torpedo boat, the m.y. Frecil, is Mr. Cecil Heath, of Hastings, with his family. Above, they are seen aboard near the Strand Quay, Rye. Mr. Heath owned an engineering business at St. Leonards, which he has had to give up on doctor's advice.
Left to right are his daughter, Mrs. Betty Campbell; Mr. Heath, who is holding his four-years-old, grand-daughter, Susan Campbell; his seven-years-old son, Bryan (in lifebelt), and his wife,Freda. The name of their boat, Frecil, is i a combination of Mr. and Mrs. Heath's Christian names.
Mr. Cecil Heath

Up in the covered focsle of the motor yacht Frecil, now lying in the Strand Quay at Rye, Mr. Cecil Heath, with his seven-year- old son, Brian, and his four-year- old granddaughter, Susan Campbell, study the chart of their 8,000-mile trip to the West Indies which he is planning to make this Month.
Mr. Heath, who was once operated on by the King's surgeon, Mr. Price-Thomas. has been advised by his doctor to live in a warmer climate. With the family acting as crew Mr. Heath hopes to get his yacht to the West Indies in two months
Muriel Moore feeds a lamb
Muriel has a little lamb. A variation of the old nursery rhyme at Hemingfold Farm, near Battle. Five-year-old Muriel Moore received Larry the lamb as a present at Battle Market.
Week-old present to little Muriel Moore, who lives all Heming ford Farm, Battle, Sussex, was Larry the lamb. Not quite
a month old, Muriel still feeds Larry with milk from a bottle.
Muriel Moore feeds a lamb
" Midge," the five - year - old dachshund, belonging to Miss D. G. Norbury, of Little Preston, Sidley, dressed in her frock, sash, necklace and bangle, can actually dial a number on her own " private line." As soon as the bell rings she barks into the mouthpiece.
East Sussex Hunt
Rounding Up After a Well-Earned Rest

A rest during a cubbing meet, and Lord Burleigh, joint master of the East Sussex Hunt, rounds up the stray hounds at Telham, near Battle, Sussex.
Evening News 24th Sept
East Sussex Hunt
Halt for a breather while Lord Burleigh, Master of the East Sussex Hunt, rounds up the stray hounds at Telham, near Battle during a cubbing meeting.

Argus 20th September
Fifteen-year-old Pat Sewett, of Battle, after being crowned Queen of the May by Mrs. M. E. Naylor at the Chequers Gardens, Battle.
Pat Sewett
Miss Jean Cocks, new chief supervisor of Hastings telephone exchange, is one of the youngest women to hold the position. She is 30.
Argus 19th Oct
Jean Cocks
Chosen by her schoolmates, 13-year-old Jean Sewett, of Welling-ton-gardens, Battle, is to be Battle's first May Queen. She will be crowned at the Chequers
Gardens on 9th May.
Jean Sewett
Sybil Mewett
Behind the scenes at the " panto." Twenty-one-year-old Sybil Mewett, of Brightling, who plays Betty the Goosegirl, in Robertsbridge Musical and Dramatic Society's production of "Mother Goose," gives the Dame, Mr. Jack Errey, of Battle, a " face-lift" before the show.
Charles Ribbitt, aged 15, and Harold Sargent
When fire broke out at the premises of H. Bevis and Co. mattress makers and upholsterers, of Wilton-road, Bexhill, two boys jumped to safety from the first floor.
Picture above shows the two boys, Charles Ribbitt, aged 15, and Harold Sargent, aged 16, in an ambulance on the way to hospital. Ribbitt (left) injured, his ankle.
Lower picture shows firemen damping down the smouldering
Two with an interest in common at their Fishmarket, Hastings, headquarters were Mr Bill Richardson, 69, oldest met
ber of Hastings and St Leona Model Yacht Club and youngest member, 16 year Ann Kicks ............
The last pice of text is missing I am afraid

The phot appeared in the STAR
Bill Richardson
Showing Ann the ropes.- In spite of the difference in age, 16-year-old Ann Kicks
and Bill Richardson, who is nearly 69, of Hastings, have a common interest. They
represent the youngest and oldest member of the Hastings and St. Leonards Model Yacht Club who spend their leisure hours studying, build-
ing, maintaining and some- times sailing (when the pool is not frozen) their scale
models. Ann, learning fast, is the only female member of the club.
Bill Richardson
Battle Abbey Girls School
The cast of "Quality Street" played by the pupils of Battle Abbey Girls School, assembled after the show on the stage which they erected and decorated themselves in the Abbots Hall (in Battle Abbey). Local residents were admitted free - and a collection was taken for the Battle Memorial
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