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Family Photos from the 1950's
Meg Harris, Bert Harris, Eileen Harris (mum), Mabel White and Percy White
Mabel White, Mum (Eileen Harris), Dora (Abbot) and Bert Eldridge and Percy White
Mabel and my Mum outside Senlac Gardens
Aunty Dot (Eldridge)  and Alfred Morgan

Auntie Dot played piano at the silent movies and lived in Mount Street

Alfred Morgan was the son of James Morgen
Dorothy Eldridge, Mr Leg from the British Legion and Elizabeth Morgan
Mabel with some friends
Mum with her Grandmother Elizabeth Morgan
Dad, Mum, Great Grand Mother Elizabeth and Grandmother Mabel
Below - Grandad Percival White
My dad and his mum in the early 1950's

My dad was a freelance press photogropher between 1948 and 1953
Elizabeth, Alfred Morgan and a friend
Percival White in his greenhouse - possibly at
the Abbey
Powdermill Cottages - hand coloured by
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