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When we weren't 50
Walking on the Moon
Rumours of Glory
Breathe (Audio)
Pauls 60th Birthday Party
Walk and Dont Look back
Aint No Sunshine
Monkey Man
Lively Up Yourself
Love of the Common People
Sunshine day
Everything I Own
Rumours Of Glory
Aint No Love
The Harder They Come
Bare Footin (Rick)
I Shot the Sheriff (Rick)
Aint No Sunshine (Rick)
Stir It Up (Rick)
Bring it on home to me (Rick)
Blues (Rick)
The Man Who Sold the World (Paul)

House of the Rising Sun (Claire Hamill)
Midnight Hour (Claire Hamill)
Stand by Me (Dave McKean)
Red Red Wine (Dave McKean)

Lifes a gas(Dave McKean)
Wondrin Where the Lions are (Dave McKean)
Walk and dont look back (Dave McKean)
Rehearsal Tapes - rough and ready - some work in progress
Hot Wind in Miami
Power of Flight
Question of Time (incomplete lyric)
Rebel (incomplete lyric)
Question of Time (fast)
Big Rain
Hot Wind Feb 27th
Hot Wind Feb 27th - 2nd version
Question of Time