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First of all my studio. I call it the Resurrection Sound Kitchen because I do a lot of resurrecting. Mainly old tapes and videos.

This consisits of cleaning up old recordings and converting VHS/Hi8 to PC format - WAV/MP3/MPEG/DVD etc.

My gear has changed over the years like many studios and I will try to explain what I used to create these pieces of music as I go

I have had to steal a lot of pictures off the interweb I am afraid - so I apologise.
I never really considered that I should take photos of my stuff until now.
PC Hardware Page
Solo Stuff and gear post 2000
(in reverse order)
80's Gear Page
90's Gear Page

New recordings

Delta Anthem - Featuring the  Behringer ARP 2600 clone

Analogue  Madness


New Soundcard to replace the rackmount Behringer.

The Zoom L12  -  12 channel USB Audio Interface


Some new stuff featuring my new guitar

Classical Moods - a re-recording on an old idea
This is a re-recording of a Hooker Jam - not title
A New Composition called "The Journey"


Some new stuff featuring my new guitar

An original composition called "The cell"
YAFI#3 - My interpretation of a Zappa track called "Chungas Revenge"
Remixes - Bob Marley, Queen etc......

You Cant Kill Me  -   My version of a Gong track from Camembert Electric

Napkins2017 - My interpretation of a Zappa track called Black Napkins
A new composition called "The Journey"


New Microphone - as used on the Thriller Album (aparently) - the Shure SM7-B
RIP Mr Bowie - The Man Who Sold the World
Moondance - Van Morrison song - another attempt at singing - recorded originally in 2015 but I have re-recorded the bass and rhythm guitar parts
Indulgent Dub
Featuring soun ds from the Minibrute
Child Star - you might know this from Marc Bolans fiorst album

2015 - New cut down rack

Behringer Audio Interface FCA1616
Zoom Studio1204 multi FX
Lexicon MX400
Digitech GSP1101
Drawmer MX30
Powercenter (PDU)

Yamaha Hifi Amp AX-396

Only using Soft Synths and Cubase Elements 8
September 2015 - Here is a re-vamp of a track originally recorded on the TASCAM 144 - It was originally called genesis. I have tried to keep the original flavour
October 2015 -  a completed piece of work in progress - this is "12 minutes of skankin"
November 2015 - This is a new rendition of a Forbidden Fruit song written by Steve Todd (hope you dont mind) called Theif Come
I started this track in 2014 - now that I have Groove Agent 4 the drum part is much better. I also re-recorded the guitar part. The bass was DI'd straight out of the Trace Elliot
October 2015 This is a Soft Machine song that I have always liked - Sorry about the singing - I will propbably not get the vocal any better (after 40 takes)
New Track using GSP1101 July 2015 and Groove Agent
Roland JV80

This keyboard was suffereing from the  dripping
red gunge phenominum - 
I fixed it by removing the keys and soaking them in a very strong solution of caustic soda. Once the metal weight had been removed and all traces of red glue was removed I stuck the weight back in with Hard as Nails


2014 - Cubase and Halion 2

2015 - Dingbat Alien - a Daevid Allenesque (RIP) ditty which started life in the 1980's as a track called just 78
2014 - using Halion 2 - Going North
WeB50 Recording session


- Trace Elliot AH350X

Massive sound - the heaviest bit of kit in the band

Speaker - Trace Elliot 1518C

Later additon is an Ashdown 2X10


Fender American Standeard Jazz Bass

This was a present to myself for my 50th birthday - I though it was about time I had one - do I like it?

Its not as nice to play as the Overwater !! - but it has a great sound


I would one day like to buy a really good microphone

These ones are good for live recording - which is mainly what I need
I have made the decision to consolidate a lot of gear - I have chosen a hard disk recorder with a digital mixer by Fostex

Click here for larger picture

More info

Fostex LR16

The back end can be left on the stage and then linked to the digiatl mixer by a network cable - there is not need for a multicore - horrah - something else I can get rid of.

This is a great idea - I can use it at home or in a live situation.

It has 16 XLR inputs and records up to 16 channels at once.

There are lots of recordings using this setup on the WEB50 page

I have since stopped doing live recording - well live everything really. It was fun but a lot of work moving it all around

Mobile recording rig getting ready for action - note Trace Elliot combo and extension cabinet - photo taken in 2011

The amp in the rack is a Behringer reference A500 which is used to drive a couple of Carlsboro 12" cabs - great for small gigs or monitors
NRG 1512 2X15            350W 8Ohms
Went to a good home at the Guitar Studio


- I have updated my rack - everything is in one place.

Since this photo was taken I have got rid of all of my synths

I now use Hallion 2 for my sounds and Cubase Elements for my DAW

I still use the Hard Disk recorder below for live recording

I did not have this MG206c for very long as the band I was going to join never materialised - so I did not need it.

Its a great shame as it was a great piece of kit and would have been ideal for gigs and rehearsing
Other Mixers I have had in my setup include
Behringer Eurorack RX1202FX - It had a really annoying blue LED that could take your eye out if looked straight at it
A Behringer XENYX 502 great for parties and BBQ's when you just need to play CD's through the PA

Eurorack Pro 1602 - a brilliant little keyboard/Outbourd summing mixer
The Alesis Multimix with USB and FX
Used for many a WEB50 rehearsal

2008 Rack Required

This is my Rack - or was my Rack. I have now spread the gear out a bit but fundamentally use the same gear

Novation KS Rack


2 Behringer Patchbays

MOTU Midi Express128

Zoom 1204

Alesis Midiverb IV and Midiverb 2

Behringer 1602 submixer

Behringer Ultragain Pro ADA8000 (For ADAT)
Shades of Green (T White)
Black Napkins (Frank Zappa)

2007 - Upright Bass

I wanted to try some of the Shanakee numbers with the sound of an upright - this sounded great but I had trouble with the fingering in the upper octave - should have bought one of these years ago. Sold it on ebay for more that I payed for it - result


I have never used a great
deal of outboard effects

The Zoom G7.1ut is a very sturdy bit of kit -  too complicated for me - had some great sounds though - I ended up giving it to the band guitarist 
Midiverb 2
Behringer V Bass preamp
Midiverb IV
Zoom Studio 1204
Roland Midi guitar interface
I still use this on occasion

2005 setup

I moved the Synths next to my Novation RemoteSL having built some angled wooden stands - this made it easy to access the many controls on the MP7 and KS Rack

There is also a Roland SH-32
Novation KSRack
Novation - Remote 61SL

Synth Madness

All now gone
Roland SH-32
Godin Performance Exit 22

Spec    manual
Yamaha APX-4A

A great acoustic with built in pickup - just what I needed.