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Sleazy at Midnight
This band existed to play only at the Chatsworth Hotel on a Saturday night residence in 1989

We never rehearsed - just turned up and played from 9 until about 2 in the morning.

Bonti was from St Lucia. We played with him while he was visiting Andy Burkes who he had met while Andy travelled around the Carribean. Another fact about Bonti is that he shared the same house as another Hastings band Pass the Cat.

The band consisted of:
Bonty - Guitar / Lead vocals
AJ - Percussion
Phil - Keyboards
Paul (Viscount de) Gambeau - Lead Guitar
Tim White - Bass
Clive (no longer with us) - Trumpet
Mick Mattess - Drums
Here is some video (Thanks to Simon Hookey) of a typical steamy night at the Chats in 1989
Come Alive
Floating in the Wind