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Skysteed existed around 1975 and rehearsed at my my Nan's house in Catsfield, East Sussex.

Steve Francis - Bass/Vocals

Paul Morfey - Guitar/Vocals

Kevin White - Drums
Both recordings were made in my Nan's back parlour with some sections recorded in my Dad's kitchen in Hastings. They were both recorded on an ITT stereo casstette deck, Overdubs were recorded through a home made mixer. One cassette deck playing while the other recorded the mixed signals - no going back using that method.

Not really Sksteed but a transitional band featuring:
Steve Francis on Bass
Neil Hillier on Vocals
Kev White on Drums
Paul Morfey on Guitar
Tim White on guitar - I think ? - certainly on tape recorder
Phil Power on Lead Guitar

These songs were recorded in Tenterden - I remember  gathering  around a parafin heater to warm up between songs.
Fade Away
Isn't it Strange
Wizzard Storm
Hey Joe
5 Years
Pierced Drums

Devils Eyes
I am the Sword
Pierced Drums(instr)

When I woke Up This Morning

15th Plain
Tyrant King
Pierced Drums