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The Grove School (where I never existed)

Barry and Grace
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1977 4U
1977 4V
Trial by Jury
My Programme Design
The School Recorder Group - why do they exist?
John Little and Cherry Shaw
under the guidance of Marian Metcalfe
DDB and his possy
1978 Celebration of Christmas programme
1979 Annual Prize Giving programme

The Surprise Party

See the pictures here
Re-union 2002 and 2003 pictures
The Class of 1978 - Were you there?
Forest of Dean
The Play
This is School related in as much as it was written by and performed by old school friends and members of my family
I recorded this on my trusty 4 Track in my room at the top of our house. It was recorded primarily for broadcast on Radio Cracker in the mid 90's.
Simon, Barry and Ian were responsible for the main inspiration and script - with a cast of 'anyone that was in the house at the time'. I added the sound effects/ambiance and music.
We were also recording adverts - sometimes turning them round in an evening - from concept to 'in the can', It was exciting stuff.

You try writing a catchy add for the Curry House round the Korma (I mean corner).
Part 1
Part 2
A Horse with no Name
Hiedi and Osman's wedding present video

Our version of the Horse with no Name

Heidi said she liked the song so we made a video

- a bit of fun -

No lego was harmed during the makong of this high budget movie