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Above pictures by Dave Plummer
Shyboy was founded by local musician Andy Burkes.

The band rehearsed in Andy's basement - spending many a late night jamming.

The songwriting started with Andy at the helm but, with Tim's interest in home recording growing, ideas were laid down on his his (joint owned) TASACAM 144 and replayed to Andy. Andy would leap around the room singing and these ideas were later introduced to the rest of the band who would add their own flavour to the emerging recipe.

By the time the band gigged for the first time t the White Rock Pavilion the band had grown to the size of a small orchestra.

Andy Burkes - Guitar Vocals
Tim White - Bass/Vocals
Ernie Blocksage - Percussion/Vocals
Ernst Friedle (you must be a Libra) - Percussion/Vocals
Frank Jennings - Keyboards
Kevin White - Drums (mainly for gigs)
Charlie (Chas) Garrioch - Sax
John Plummer - Trumpet
Sue (never did know her last name) - Guitar
Ticket for the first gig
Tuning up
Yes there were people as well !!!
Video from the White Rock
John Plummer and his Sister at the joanas
Brother of the Head
Where were you
Universal Soldier
Hot Wind
Double Vision
Moving Down the Line
Brother of the Head (reprise)
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White Rock Pavilion gig
Dave Plummer photo shoot
Yelton gig

Live at the Royal Victoria Hotel 31-12-1983

The audio below was recorded at Stills Working Mens Club.

This was a live recording onto 2 track live

Brother of the Head
More tracks - this time recorded at Dragon Studios, Upper Park Road
Oh Yeah Yeah (intro)
In the Ghetto
Intro and Brothers of the Head
Double Vision

Ice Cool
Bill and Ben
Hot Wind
Ban the Bomb
In the Ghetto
The End