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Positive Routes
Positive Routes grew out of Forbidden Fruit when Rob, Jeff and Frank left the band.
This made the lineup as follows:
Steve Todd - Guitar
Tim White - Bass / Vocals
Pete Wooley - Percussion
Mick Mattess - Drums
Charlie Garrioch - Sax
John Plummer - Trumpet
Sally and Shirley - Backing Vocals
Jimmy Osho - Lead Vocals
Recording at the HUCAC - 4 track portastudio - overlayed with a war film
Live at the Pig In Paradies - Palace Bars, Hastings
Living on the Breadline

Socca Rumba

Nuclear Crisis (followed by) Catastrophe
Pig In Paradise - video
Tracks recorded for a single at Denmark Street in London

Thanks to Nick Forster for his support in this venture.

Pressed at Woolly Records - Sheerness 1985
Photos from TinPan Alley

African Connection

Live at Linton Gardens 1985

Live at the Queens Hotel - A wedding Reception !!

We try to make a video an the Hastings Unempolyment Centre !!!
The music was recorded on a borrowed 8 track - Engineered by Roland Clark
Frank left the bad before we made the video so you can hear keyboards but you cannot see anyone playing them.

Sing On - Song starts at 3 minutes mark
Lovers Rock  - Featuring Frank Jennings (invisible on harmonica)
Legalise It
Legalise it
Positivie Routes - African Connection
Drum and Bass
Dad's Production
Sing On
Photo galleries
Pig in Paradise
Tin Pan ALley Studio

Tin Pan Alley Studio

African Connection
Power Cut
I've got the spirit
I've got the spirit
Juvenile Children
Never Keep a Good Man Down
Socca Rumba
Routes Rockin
Life is a Mystery
DJ Pete
Setting Up
Positive Routes - Catastrophe
Sing On
Sing On

Live at the Victoria Hotel 1985

How Long Will It Be

Nuclear Crisis

Lovers Rock

Sing On

Positive Routes

Routes Rockin

Nuclear Crisis (again!)