A word from the webmaster - Tim White
This site was originally created by my dad who unfortunately passed away in February 2008 aged 81
I felt that I should carry on where he left off.
I see this as a good way of sharing some of the archive material that I have collected over the years with family, friends and anyone else that might be interested.
Two other sites created by my dad are:
They have a lot of useful information on them.
To find out more about the White Family history in the 1940's, check them out.
The interest in family history comes from my cousin, Caroline Lancaster who has researched much of the Morgan side of the family and provided much information for the Family Tree on this site - here she is pictured with Ivor (my dad) in 2001.

Powdermills Hotel - 2001
So this site is now dedicated to the stuff I do.
If youn have any comments please mail me