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Hologram Expose
Hologram Expose was actualy me, Steve Francis and Charlie Garioch.

The band was conceived because Kev (my brother) being in Cracked Mirror had sent a tape to Melody Maker to be reviewed and a review got printed.

Any one could do that I thought, but I did not have a band or any songs !!!

So I borrowed by dad's Casio keyboard and got to work.

Having come up with some ditties Steve provided the lyrics and his singing capability and Chas (who was always looking to do some recording) played Sax and added some backing Vocals.

So, the demo was made on my trusty (part owned) Portastudio.

Three tracks were laid down. The idea being to record something that would be reviewed.

The style of choice was Gary Numanesque synth pop. Oh Yes.

Tim White - Casiotone 403  Keyboard//Sequenced (Korg MS10)/ETI4600/BBC Sound Effects Record/Street noises

Steve Francis - Vocals

Charlie Garioch - Sax/Vocals
Lonely Sea

Reviewer Attention Catchers - fizzy synth sounds /BBC Sound effects (a crying baby always gets attention) / A bit of Radio2
2013 Remix
The Answer is Inside

Reviewer Attention Catchers - Car noises (will it crash !!!) / synth solo
2013 Remix
Not yet available
We Are Metal (my personal favourite)

Reviewer Attention Catchers - Robotic voices (put through ETI4600 & Flanger)/ Gary Numan 'Pish' sound / twitching and jerking
2013 Remix
The ETI4600 (Maplin)
The main keyboard and rhythm box came from a Casiotone 403

I do not have any pictures of my own but there are some here