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De Ja Blue
That's right Blues.

This was an all out Blues band headed by a guy named Rick

My brother played with this band for some time and I stepped in to add keyboards at a late stage of their life.

Paul the bass player was a London cabby - I think that is what he left to go back to in the end.


Rick Mead- Lead Guitar / Vocals

Paul De Friend - Bass

Kevin White - Drums / Backing Vocals

Tim White - Keyboards - Backing Vocals
These video clips were recoreded by my dad at the Bexhill Blues Festival 1991- it was not advertised very well so there was not much of a crowd for such a large venue. The sound is not very good but you get the idea. Big hall, not very many people - lots of echoe etc.
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Cant Get used to you
Still Got the Blues
Whippin Post

Battle Road recordings

These tracks were recorded in Babes'  flat at 149  Battle Road  - we spent hours setting up the sound - to find that Babes had decided to change all the settings before we started again the next day - you will hear a comment at the beginning of Whipping Post
My Riff - thats the best title I can come up with

Whipping Post (Allman Brothers)