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Cracked Mirror
Cracked Mirror 1979
The original Line-up

Check out these recordings and photos sent to me by Colin Winn - Lead singer of - "The original side of the band"
Take the Blame

Cracked Mirror

Lose Control

Gonna See a Band

Dirty Sally

Lucy Lover
Cracked Mirror 1982
Cracked Mirror were "Hastings answer to Status Quo" according to Melody Maker in 1982.

The band was lead by local guitarist Joe Rytlewski.
Kevin White - Drums (joined them after their drummer broke his leg)
Jackie Hazel - Organ
?? - Bass

Above picture taken at Robertsbridge Working Mens's Club
Cracked Mirror 57 @ Maidstone Girls Tech School 14-02-80

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Cracked Mirror 25 @ The Tam O'Shanter Chatham (sometime '79)
Cracked Mirror 37  @ The Cavalier sometime 79
Cracked Mirror 82 @ The Chatsworth Hastings (possibly) sometime '80
Cracked Mirror 5 - Willington Street Saturday 12-05-79