A New Day 2017


The Strawbs  - a nice set - they sound great

Dr Feelgood  -  well I had not seen this band since they were on Geordie Scene in the 80's and they were brilliant

Martin Barre Band - well they really sound like Jethro Tull - pitty I missed them last year

Kaz Hawkes Band - a larger than life figure - irish with a gutsy voice - really good

Big Country  -  well what can I say - Scottish guitar riffs  -  boring


Edgar Broughton - well I thought I would like this guy - I remember listening to the Edgar Broughton Band many years ago - he was on his own this time - he has a voice like marmite - but I like marmite - I did not like Edgar Broughton

Solstice - The guitarist is keen - a very expressive face - the singer looked out of place a bit and the drummer, with his huge kit did not appear to know what to do with it.

IO Earth - really good - the singer wore an interesting top !!

Soft Machine - Brilliant. Shook John Etheridges hand after the show and had a chat with him at the merchandise tent here he a signed a couple of CD's

Barclay James Harvest - played all of the good ones - really good

Uriah Heep  -  enjoyed them more at the High Voltage fest as they played the whole of Deamons and Wizards.


House of X - ex UFO members - really good stuff. Woke me up

Gryphon - played an excellent set - all the good tunes. And went down a storm

Focus - as good as the last time I saw them  -  a great bunch of musicians

Slade - a pile of crap - the singer could not even handle the tunes. 

We went home before Slade finished their set

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